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Question for turbo boys

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Im seriouslly curious to how well a kit will hold up in the frigid north up here in PA.

It gets really Freaking cold up here, and i was wondering if that would damage the turbo.
I mean do you guys have to start up your car and wait 15 minutes everytime you drive it. just to make sure your turbo won't be hurt or what?
I maybe using the insruance money i will be getting to buy a c2 kit so im very curious if i should even bother. Now that im at college my car isn't driven too much and is sitting out in the snow. ack.
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I started my car up to bring down to the shop last thursday when it was like 5 degrees out. It started no prob and it warmed up in about 7-10 mins or so. It rain great, the cold air gives u a lil more performance.
Actually, the addition of your turbo will help warm up the car quicker when it's cold out, since it has an oil feed and possibly a collant feed line that's in line with the engine's oil/coolant line.
I've had no problems so far and it's been very cold around here.

What people have told me is to just think about cars that come stock with turbos, (wrx's, gti's) they are all out there in the winter. Shouldnt be a problem.
If you started your car and started driving around WOT it would cause more wear and tear. However, you should be warming your car up even stock, so that shouldn't matter.
Yes, just make sure your oil is at temperature or the oil will be too thick for your turbo.
Pittsburgh sucks ; o (

The only time ive had her out this winter is when the roads are completly dry and a rain has washed off the salt and cinders some... ****ty stuff
ya it does man, im not in pittsburgh anymore though im up at IUP, its worst. and i just got backed up into, good news though getting a new bumper and fender :)
where is iup?
upper penninsula Missouri
JCelica132 said:
where is iup?
IUP is a college in PA about 40 Miles northeast of Pittsburgh. IUP stands for Indiana University of Pennsylvania :thumbup:
10w-40 sync is what ya'll reccomend for oil used after installation of turbokit?
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