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Hey guys,

I'm not really a fan of the VS style kit, but my boy ended up getting the Kam kit for his celi and basically gave me a full VS kit from ebay for free since I've hooked him up with parts for really cheap (110mph sideways into a lightpole not the greatest idea).

I'm in the USAF, so I have full access to a paint booth, tools, and lifts on base and I'd like to do the work myself to learn and save money.

So my questions are going to be for those who own this kit and have mounted it up themselves/or experience with kits;

-Well I removed the front clip and test fitted the the VS clip. It seems that the center mounts won't be a problem drilling and mounting, but both sides that attach to the fenders seem to be too wide. I'm assuming also that I'll run into the same problem with the rear clip.

-Sideskirts. How's everyone attaching them? Also the winglets on the rear of the skirts seem to have a bit of a roll in them. Should those just be pop riveted into the tirewell to straighten them?

Are these things common with the VS fiberglass kits from ebay?

I'd really like to put the kit on the car but if it's more trouble than it's worth then I'll just sell it to someone who's got more experience with this type of thing, and save for something that has better fittement.

Here's the linky to the pics;

ANY help or hints would be greatly appreciated guys, THANX!
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