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J, the design of your sign looks good, especially with the display of the progression of the car. Nonetheless, as a former editor, I must chew on it. Regardless of what you think of the rest of my statement here, its a great idea to summarize your car in brief and with some flash, which you've done.

Listing racing pedals as a performance modification may be over the top. If it can be viewed that way by some, a show judge would have a very tough time agreeing and admitting to it. If I read the above graphic correctly, you list headlights in the performance category. Headlights accent a type of performance but not a show judge's traditional view of performance, which would be increasing the car's speed or handling. Also (and this is petty scrutiny), a CF wing does more for appearance than performance for Celicas, but it'll definitely be OK for a show posting in the category you've chosen.

Remember, do whatever makes you feel good. I know you do. There's no need to take my advice. Show judges are there for the cars. Feel great about your car and display. I hope you enjoy the show.
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