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R35 Nissan GT-R

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Nissan GT-R
Photos of a masked Nissan GT-R lapping the N
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I would have liked a destroked 3.2L engine so that it can rev higher and take advantage of those turbos . . .

oh well . . . I'll drive it along with the E92 M3, RS4 and IS-F and pick one.
Nobody in their right mind is going to buy a $60,000 Nissan, just like nobody in their right mind bought an $80,000 Acura

Except ricers - but ricers aren't in their right mind.
KAT_Ayanami said:
Well, people buy a S2000 Honda....

BTW, can somebody help me in this topic?
You can get an S2000 brand new for $30 if you know what you're doing

and that car is worth every god damned penny

and yes, it depreciates like crazy - you can get them for around $15-$20,000 used these days with few miles on them

and its a honda - it will last 250,000+
Carbonized_GT said:
i could of picked one up for 15k with 40k on the clock, BUT these damn long legs, i cant fit comfortably.

If the Honda *******s hadn't offered me $15,000 trade in for my RX-8 I'd be rolling in one right now - but the Z4 is a lot more civil, has more torque, handles as well, is nearly as fast, and gets better gas mileage so it suits my needs as of right now a lot better.
Carbonized_GT said:
how tall are you?

Im 6'4"
The size of the average Japanese man, with a much larger, American penis - so big, so bulbous

omabramo said:
nope :)
that depends on the owner
I've owned 3 civics and every single one started first time, every time - no problems EVER with any of them - just changed the oil and drove them like I hated them.
Carbonized_GT said:
Edmunds inside line has new pics of the GTR and vids of it lapping laguna seca. From the video, they said its a couple tenths faster than the Porsche 911 turbo.
996 or 997 ?
lVlemphizStylez said:
The new zo6 will still be the better bang for buck I'd dare say...Good luck to Nissan fighting off that
Still looks like a guidomobile
enthennd said:
I think corvettes look awesome. :shrugs:
enthennd said:
60k? overpriced and overrated for sure. I'd wait and go for the new camaro/challenger, which both will be ..alot cheaper.
You also like the new Camaro and Challenger

I rest my case.
enthennd said:
marc said:
You also like the new Camaro and Challenger

I rest my case.
I see nothing wrong with any of them.

unless your just totally against domestics..
You haven't read any of my "HAY GUYZ I WANT A NEW CAR" threads, have you?
if the GT-R breaks 8 minutes at the ring and the new M3 doesn't, I might have to put it back on my list.
I've beens saying this in every GTR thread out there

Nobody wants a $70,000 (once options are done) Nissan

That's Porsche 911 money - at this point, most people buying the car really couldn't care about performance - they're over 50 and just want it to cruise around in - they're not going to take the car to the track.
Carbonized_GT said:
I agree with everything you guys are saying, But if the car can put to shame the new Z06, Porsches, etc, and make huge publicity by it, sales will probably do well.
I wouldn't say it'll "put to shame" the new Z06 or Porsches - But we'll see.
I have a hard time believing a ~400ish car that WILL weigh more than a Z (bigger, TT system, AWD system - so at least 3400 lbs) will be significantly faster than the 3100 lb/500 hp Z06 or the 3400 lbs/480 hp 911 Turbo (with an overboost option as well)

neological said:
I don't want to pay 60K for anything with an engine that's also found in a Pathfinder and a Quest.

There is no excuse for the GT-R having a VQ variant. This car deserves a bespoke inline 6. Every GT-R has had a special-edition straight six except this one. The new GT-R is for all intents and purposes just a twin turbo AWD Z with a different frame.
I high revving straight six would be nice

And you're right, a TT Z would probably still cost less than one of these things
neological said:
If the new GT-R puts the Z06 to shame I'll piss on my own face.

The Z06 is a freakishly good vehicle.
what's retarded about the Z06 is that you pay $70,000 for it under warranty - when for $5000 you can get heads/cams/full true dual exhaust/intake from SLP and make more horsepower - considering an LS1 C5 is like, $15,000, you're looking at $20,000 + wheels/tires + some suspension upgrades

of course you don't get warranty.


but you'll have a hell of a lot more low end torque and more aggregate horsepower
GSBoek said:
Has Nissan's top management had a change of heart? We'll find out no later than this fall, when the 500-plus horsepower sports car debuts at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show

Is it a 500+ hp car now?
I noticed this as well.
it that's what it looks like, I'm going to say "pass"

TrD CeLiCa said:
The wing looks awesome on it, it completes the look.
you're also proud to own a Celica
I hate metric
enthennd said:
70k + 450 hp = for the lose.
A Porsche 911 costs $70,000 and makes 325 hp
A Corvette Z06 costs $70,000 and makes 500 hp
A GT500 costs $40,000 and makes 500 hp

there's more to a car than HP

as for this car - its absolutely retarded to artificially DEFLATE price, especially if the manufacturer wants to make money - let supply and demand dictate price - let the DEALERS price gouge if they so please - that's what happened with the C6 Z06 and Shelby GT500
Beast said:
enthennd said:
Eh, in my world I couldn't afford any of them. :shrugs:

Oh well, I guess I didn't think it through, I retract that statement.
Don't sweat it. It's a instinctive reaction for alot of people that like cars. HP #'s mean everything to them. All wheel turning systems frighten them. Heck, heated seats frighten them. :chuckles:

Depends what you want out of a car really, but if you just cared about $/hp, you can just buy a piece of junk and mod the hell out of it. In the end, you'll have a fast piece of junk.
but boy is it fun to piss of ///M and Porsche drivers in your fast piece of junk
Speed4TheNeed said:
A 70k Skyline is a joke.

I feel sorry for whoever is dumb enough to buy one.
Considering it should theoretically perform as well as a Porsche 911 Turbo its a bargain, like the Z06 Corvette
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