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R35 Nissan GT-R

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Nissan GT-R
Photos of a masked Nissan GT-R lapping the N
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The most disappointing theing by far is that it will be powered by a VQ engine. TT Z's will kick this thing's ass for 1/2 the cost.

The front end is a tragic disaster.
Motor said:
Only 60k? That's cheap to you? I still would rather have a c6 vette and keep the change. This site is advertising them for about 48k.

Or you could have 2 evos. Or one Evo/STi with 30k worth of work done to it.
I could buy an S2000 for 18k right now. They're only 34k new and depreciate like crazy.
I almost need help to get out of an S2000. I'm 6'2" 245, it feels like I'm crouching when I'm in one.
I guarantee you it will be slightly better than an R34 stock (it was only 271hp/214tq) and much worse modified.
It would have been smarter to make it an Infiniti. The Fast and Furious crowd are the only people interested in it being a Nissan (nobody else knows/cares about the history of the GT-R) and 99% of these people can't even afford an Integra. You'll only see GT-R in the "tuner" community as shop cars and magazine whores.

Meanwhile, Infiniti is stuck with the unenviable problem of selling more cheap cars than expensive ones. They have essentially become the "G35 Company" and have styled pretty much everything for the future based on the success of their cheapest model. An expensive "halo model" would help downsell more G35s I think. Nissan already has a 30k sports car, the addition of the GT-R isn't going to change much of their image. It would make a big difference for Infiniti though which hasn't been able to break through in the "expensive luxury car" arena well at all.
I don't want to pay 60K for anything with an engine that's also found in a Pathfinder and a Quest.

There is no excuse for the GT-R having a VQ variant. This car deserves a bespoke inline 6. Every GT-R has had a special-edition straight six except this one. The new GT-R is for all intents and purposes just a twin turbo AWD Z with a different frame.
If the new GT-R puts the Z06 to shame I'll piss on my own face.

The Z06 is a freakishly good vehicle.
booyaolian said:
Nissan to set $60K as the price for this GT-R.
you guys just dont know what the secret is yet.
It's equipped with a "Bencharger."
I haven't seen this much rampant speculation since the Evo ans STi came out in the US.

It doesn't get more entertaining with time.
I like how they totally fail to name sources.
It's ugly.
Too much wampum.
yeah, in an episode of Top Gear a Ford Transit van passes several vehicles on the Nurburgring. It was just being driven fast, the other vehicles would have been faster in the same driver's hands.
I love how Nissan is encouraging all of this bench racing, these two cars will probably only rarely compete against each other directly in any sort of racing series or event.
Gundam is super ghey. Especially SD Gundam.
Transcend said:
^ Still waiting on news of the "V-spec Evo".
Build your own!

FP Green + AEM EMS + Alky + KW variant 3 + 24mm rear sway + Turboback = probably better and cheaper than whatever they end up putting in a V Spec Evo.
I would still rather have an all-black Z06.
I agree, I have driven and been in some of the most expensive supercars on the planet and most of them are less fun than a Miata.
I was in a Carrera GT going down a highway at 120mph and I honestly can say I have felt more of an adrenaline rush in a stock 280Z.
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