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R35 Nissan GT-R

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Nissan GT-R
Photos of a masked Nissan GT-R lapping the N
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Did Nissan and Mitsubishi have a fling, seeing as to how this GT-R and the EVO have some similar elements in the front grille treatment?
Punkers7465 said:
glad to hear it's going to be a nissan
And sad to hear it's gonna cost 60k
You guys should stop talking about in-line-sixes, makes me wanna go home and get that 5M engine all worked up again :chuckles:

And yes, GT-R=in-line-six=GT-R
neological said:
If the new GT-R puts the Z06 to shame I'll piss on my own face.

The Z06 is a freakishly good vehicle.
If the GT-R does just that, it won't be a pretty sight, neither for you nor the Z06 :chuckles:

I don't think it will though.
Care to enlighten us?
Has Nissan's top management had a change of heart? We'll find out no later than this fall, when the 500-plus horsepower sports car debuts at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show

Is it a 500+ hp car now?
That would be about 417 lbs-ft torque and 21.5 psi boost for you Marc.
GTsRasta said:
If the stock vehicle is matching 911 turbo performance, think about what's going to happen when people start modding, single turbo'ing, tuning, sleeving, and stroking this VR badboy. I think it really will be the next RB engine. Even though the RB engines were underrated from factory, it's starting out with a good 150 hp extra than the best RB engines do.
Just a technicality there: The new GT-R has a V engine configuration if I'm not mistaken, so no single turbo-ing there like with the RB.
Well, anything that does the Nordschleife in under 8 minutes is fast. Over such a distance two seconds may not seem like much, but that it beat the 911 it did :gap:

I honestly have a feeling they have yet to run it at real full fullsteam.
Same here.
I'm honestly dissapointed by the way the front end looks. Now I have two cars who's fronts I will never warmup to: The EVO and the GT-R. Am I the only one who sees some Eclipse in that front? They should have kept the looks of the concept version. There's no denying the performance though.
Yes, to use a clich

Only one cupholder in the rear ay? Not like anyone is going to sit there and sip on something anyways :chuckles:
I was actually thinking about this just this past weekend: "Any GT-R crashed already?" Was bound to happen, just a matter of time.
neological said:
I heard it gets 800hp if you fill the tank with bull semen.
No way it will make that much! I think closer to 700hp.
Anyone crashed another one yet? :chuckles: Couldn't help myself, last time I asked someone actually did.
Motor said:
Please no! Did Nissan endorse this?
^There must be a ton of flashbacks seeing how Han died before the R35 was out.
I suppose he's in his right to like or dislike certain characteristics of cars. So by some if his own reasoning, he doesn't like the 911 Turbo, the 959, the F40 nor the R8 if it had turbo then I suppose. I do agree with the boyracer styling, the interior and possibly even the runflats, but he should have driven it still.
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