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R35 Nissan GT-R

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Nissan GT-R
Photos of a masked Nissan GT-R lapping the N
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glad to hear it's going to be a nissan
marc said:
Of course - you'd probably be best off getting the cheapest one, putting on some coilovers, wheels to your taste, a factory nissan aero kit and boosting the living **** out of it.
I second that
despite the obvious price difference.... Porsche will probably have a 911 turbo s built which shouldn't have much trouble destroying the gtr assuming it can beat the standard turbo.

but wow, a sub 8 minute lap is crazy.
I completely agree with you that the GT3 is far superior to the turbo... The GT3 is a true sports car where the turbo is much more comfortable, for the driver who may not be able to drive at all. (I'm actually not a very big fan of the turbo myself) but if Porsche makes a Turbo S it'll probably have about the same output as the projected 530 hp in the current GT2. A boost in 50 hp alone should be enough to surpass the gtr on the 'ring not including the extra suspension goodies that the S models always receive. I have my doubts that it could remain ahead of a Turbo S but then again the gtr will be a lot cheaper...
I cant decide what I think of the weird speedo....
Amuse GT-R

looks you could just about fit basket ball in one of those exhaust pipes :rofl:
15,750,000 Japanese yen = $165,422 U.S. dollars
(base model before the "zomg it's a v-spec" pricing happens)

1022 = weak sauce

Switzer and AMS surpassed that a long time ago... Last I checked they both had fully functioning street builds over 1300 whp.
Yeah, but on a V6?

Nissan needs to ditch the V6 and just start working using the V8 engine as the base.
Both switzer and ams have r35 gtr builds (no engine swaps) over 1300whp. So yes, a v6.

Have people been swapping motors in the gtr? (sorry if it's in this thread and I missed it)
If they see your plates they don't need to catch you... I know a couple people who successfully fled from the police only to have the police show up at their residence a bit later to arrest them. FAIL.
1 - 11 of 1730 Posts