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R35 Nissan GT-R

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Nissan GT-R
Photos of a masked Nissan GT-R lapping the N
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neological said:

The most disappointing theing by far is that it will be powered by a VQ engine. TT Z's will kick this thing's ass for 1/2 the cost.

The front end is a tragic disaster.
A $2000 240sx with a built SR20DET for $10g will kick the $32k Evo ass in a straight line, so what's your point?
I can consider 60k... but not 70k for the GTR. A BMW M3 cost about $60k when fairly loaded. So does a Porsche Boxster S. Certaintly the faster and legendary GTR can do reasonably well with a 60k price.
booyaolian said:
just like the 05+ RSX-s case, many people talked trash about the extra 10hp is not going to make the car faster with all that extra weight.
Another case of my "horsepower is superior to yours".

In 2005 SAE revised their standards on how HP are measured and advertised. That 210hp is probably 215hp using 2004's measurement standards and you also have to take effect of HP under the curve and not just peak HP increase.
Price gouging a $80k OTD Nissan? You have to be an idiot to pay that, wait a few months and prices will drop.

Sorry the new GTR don't have that 'mythical' effect on me like the unobtanium R34 GT-R back in it's haydays and when I was younger. It's just another great car in the crowded enthusiasts performance market. I'm not complaining because it has never been a better time to be a car lover.

I want to spend my money on a car that makes me go wow, I have to have it and no other car in the market even if I have to stretch my paycheck for one.
2000 XYR said:
There's about a million other things I'd spend my pennies on first.
And take just about millions of your pennies to get one.
So you understand what I'm saying too...This car will get freight trained by anything with decent "super car" top end after the 8th mile...(your 90ish catch up theory). For 20k over a Zo6 I don't want "Ok" figures...I want indisputable figures..

It's not a Porsche or a Ferrari, so it's 20k price hike needs to justify itself IMO over the Zo6..which so far from what I've been reading, it's not (in acceleration at least)
What are you talking about. MSRP of the Nissan GTR is cheaper than the Z06. It's also faster than the Z06 on the roadcourse and the ring.

Get your facts right.
Calm down...

From reading the first post of this thread I was under the impression it was coming in just under 80k...I didn't know the MSRP was sub 70k...because this article said sub 80k..

With that being said I'd cough up the extra 200+ bucks on the MSRP and get the faster Zo6 that has more pure acceleration and not the "fall on it's face after the launch" skyline
Actually the difference in MSRP is ~$2k and price after options is even bigger since the GTR already comes pretty much fully loaded at $72k while you can top $80k in the Vette.

But either way, since you're already spending the big bucks you're not going to count the pennies.

You'll betcha the GTR is going to hold its value better. You can debate me on that, but I'm one of the many holding on for a used one after a few years for $50k or so. That's my psychological limit to waste of a car.

Although the Z06 responds well to mods, the GTR with it's FI will respond even better (pricewise) to just retuning and upping the boost. The Z06 is at the limit of what is REASONABLE to ask of your RWD tires, while the GTR's AWD have a higher limit for launch traction.

If you like the Z06, then that's your cup of tea. Both are great cars but give credit where credit is due, (arguably) the new King is the GTR.
This doesnt even begin to describe what big daddy zr1 will do to it
It's more car than anyone needs but hey if you like to spec race then the GTR V-Spec is your answer.
Hmm, what was that about them being equal?? And that Zo6 did a high 10...not a low 11
Sounds like you're either a drag racer who's ideal "race car" is get to the next red light asap or a spec racer who theorize that his dream car > others.

Personally, I don't care if Chevy up the HP war and makes a 1100hp Vette, in which case is absolutely too much power for the streets and upset the cars balance.

BTW, sorry your Z06 will lose in a impromptu street racing situation. These runs in the Z06 you claim are people who have to lower rear air pressure, burn-outs, and the best runs out of thousands to get a perfect <11.0 run. Whereas in the GTR, you just mash the throttle and you get a perfect run everytime which will beat any Z06 until way after you exceeded any legal speed limit.
After 80 according to the numbers....the GTR will get freight trained (Zo6 is reaching 120 almost two seconds before the GTR). I don't stop light to stop light race...So I couldn't care any less about how fast it went to 60. Races don't end at 80 and 60 mph...Like I said earlier, all that drama up to 60 mph, only to fall on it's ass after 80...I'll pass

Given the choice between a car that makes up all it's trap on the second half of the quarter and one that makes it all in the first 1/8th... I'll take the top end monster
In real roads, there are corners and you have to brake, then you lose. Most stop lights are ~1/4mile and you still lose because you still have to brake unless you want to overshoot the next light.

There's no autobahns in the US the last time I check. So comparing 100-200mph is moot. Your overpriced Z06 loses in all other conditions.
well sorry but I spend a majority of my time at the track....where 115+ still isn't finishing the quarter mile. So I find more value in the top end of the Zo6 over the short 0-60 sprints of the slushbox GTR. Not to mention in 115+ trap cars, a race to 120+ isn't uncommon. But I must be speaking alien or preaching to the wrong choir....Because I'm not speaking Car and Driver/Top Gear. God forbid someone actually races on the 1/4 rather than just read about it
Definately the wrong choir. You're on a Celica forum. No one buys a Celica to race 1/4. Although no one buys a Celica to road race either but the Celica will do much better road racing than 1/4T

The truth is, both of these fars are probably just out of our rational spending reach. Might as well as say my Enzo is faster than your Vette.

I'm not debating anymore. We both agree the Vette is a faster drag car stock and the GTR can edge out the Vette on a typical road course. Whatever trap the Vette may be the race is already over.
lol you do know there are PLENTY of C5 and C6 vettes at the drag strip right?? Probably more than on a road course...Guess those thousands and thousands of people are just complete douchebags...In fact last time I was at the track there were more C5 vettes than Mustangs and GTO's
For once I agree with you. Yes they are all groundhog day douchebags.
117 trap huh...funny...just had a friends bone stock zo6 at Moroso click a 127 mph trap

for 70k..automatic, not as fast as the hype..PASS

Can't believe the article called it the fastest production car....high 11's??? I think not...
I think someone's butt hurt that the GT-R has the spotlight.
marc seems very vocal about the GT-R and just about every car that he hasn't driven.
Like I said you can continue to play it by the numbers dude...guys like you consistently get their hearts broken and money taken on the street and on the strip because they play a numbers game. Racers on paper....These forums and magazines don't tell the whole story 9/10 times. In practice things play out differently a lot of times. Track preps and conditions vary, so times can vary, but you seem to ignore this. The Z running 122 traps might do the 127 trap at the other track, it happens like this a lot, and vice versa the GTR traps 118 at the 122 trap Vette track and then goes and traps 122 at the 127 Vette trap track. One then gets caught up (like you) saying "Oh look 122 vs 122, they are comparable." Averages don't take these things into the calculations (no correction factor for temps of the run compared to another, no correction for track prep quality vs another one, the don't even show if the times are on the same track to show a correlation between runs on a certain track)..My best trap at Moroslow was 120, I went to gainesville raceway and trapped 124 mph. A 4 mph gain, no tune change, different track. Do you think if I submitted my time for things like this that my 124 mph trap would get factored in??? No it wouldn't, even though the car never changed. Moroslow had a huge dip in the right lane coming through the traps that affected times, where's the correction factor for things like that?? The only way a true average can account for these things is if the pool is large...not 18 people around the country. Because if I took 18 ppl from my local tracks with a Zo6, I bet you that average would be a lot higher

And like I said, in all seriousness...go spend some time at the track
oh you're still here bragging about the vette?
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