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R35 Nissan GT-R

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Nissan GT-R
Photos of a masked Nissan GT-R lapping the N
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I like the looks and the AWD option (although RWD is better suited for this type of power)...unless they can adopt a near perfect system like the EVO.

But as for the engine? Guys with G35's are way surpassing those numbers with TT kits..some with built engines and some without. No issues at all from 95% of them. And for far less then what this costs.

I guess the nice thing is that you get this TT package and it's all under warranty. Honestly though how many people are going to keep it that way, voiding any warranty they had in the first place.

Not too impressive in my eyes.
...and if they had branded it Infiniti, they could have tacked on $15 -20k to the price.

Realistically the niche market for this car is going to be an upscale buyer that's a) male b) is deep in a midlife crisis c)making $130+/year. Not some tuner kid who lives in the GT-R Grand Turismo pipedream, fantasy world.

Of course there are going to be the exception to this (i.e. kids with [email protected] parents that give these cars as "sweet 16" gifts, the overly indulgent 20/30'something person who leases everything in life (while making $50 g's a year - and thinking they have "earned it") to portray a lifestyle they can't even begin to afford, and probably live at home.

Basically, IMO this car will be a flop here. As mentioned before, there is no GT-R heritage in NA...nor will there be. Nissan is really making a stupid move thinking that that a BMW M3 owner is going to be WOWED be ANY Nissan that ever hits the market...regardless of the cars obvious potential.
jlitman said:
Marc predicted this might happen. But, seriously, who cares? It's the same car. :shrugs:
It will matter to 99% of the North American buyers of this car.
jlitman said:
No, it will matter to about 500 ricers, none of whom will have the money to purchase the car. People with the bucks will just as happy to buy it as an Infiniti.
You obviously did not understand my post. I said it will matter to 99% of the BUYERS of this vehicle in North America. Meaning they WILL care that it is branded as an Infiniti (only ricers, as you mentioned, will be all heartbroken if it wasn't given the Nissan nameplate).
jlitman said:
I misinterpreted your meaning, but I disagree with the spirit of it. I don't see this as a "prestige" car, at least not at launch, so I'm not sure it will matter one way or the other whether it is marketed as a Nissan or as an Infiniti.

Infiniti may want the GT-R to wear their nameplate to boslter their own semi-independent image, but I don't think Nissan as a parent corporation sees this as central to the car's sales. It's more like who gets to reap the acclaim for having the closer association to the vehicle.
Everyone will think what they will of this car (and the consumer who will buy it). However, as mentioned before in many threads, I think Nissan would be stupid to try a sell a "NISSAN" supercar in North America. The type of people who can afford this car do not want to have a conversation go down like this:

Hot Girl: "WOW that's a SEXY looking car! What is it a Lamborgini???"
Rich Guy: "Actually it's even better, and's the new NISSAN GT-R"
Hot Girl: "Oh really? I thought NISSAN's were like cheap or something...anyway I gotta go get my nails done"
Rich Guy: "Damn...well at least dudes respect me"

Think of the reason why Honda never released the NSX as a Honda in North America...same logic applies here. Hopefully Nissan won't be stupid.
The more and more that is revealed, the more and more of an eye sore it becomes.
Good idea, but I would feel sorry for the someone who bought one and got in financial trouble soon after (trying to sell it with no warranty would be pretty tough - without taking a HUGE loss).
Is It Too Good?
Which begs the question: Does the Nissan's ability reduce the driving pleasure?

Not at all. You can turn all the systems off if you so choose
This is what I was waiting to hear **applause**
99.999% of people that are on these forums will never own one. Most likely 99% of people here won't ever get one either. Reading that forum is funny, people that have Sentra's with all their "mods" listed in their sigs, asking "so I'm trying to decide if I should go with the white or red GT-R...such a hard decision".
xantonin said:
Maybe someone went in reverse into him?
That would be quite the reverse driving if it were to cause that much damage going backwards.
MSRP is ridiculous on this car!.... :thumbdown
How do you figure? Don't you mean the mark up could be ridiculous?
The huge markups are due to extremely limited availability of Nissan's latest supercar
Impressive stat's on the GT-R, But they could have done better design wise.
I rather choose the Celica. :gap:
Obviously you would.
I'll be honest with you if it was the 2009 CELICA GT4 the pre-order form would be in order.

Nothing but a celica for me,anything else would be undesireable.
I know a guy, who knows a guy...just send me a pre-order deposit, and I'll make sure you are #1 on the list.
You must have a used celica 00 GT automatic or something like that, and that is the only car you have driven. So I do not think that you would be "pre-ordering" anything... neither you know what other cars are worth.

You only need to look in the gallery section above to see my 05 Celica GT.
Oh yea the GT-R in my opionion is the fuglyiest car for a supercar?

And why do you say that? The figures it puts out are pretty damn impressive.
He says that because the only "supercar" in his mind is the Celica.
Who the Fack cares?? Both the Z06 and GT-R perform extremely well for the price.

All this sh!t is splitting hairs on 2 cars 99.9% of us will never own (or drive for that matter).
Nissan used ringers for press cars (making about 519 horsepower)

wonder if they used a ringer on their Nurburgring run? Naah - they couldn't have. ;)
Until I see dynos from actual owners, I'm not taking word from C&D with much authority. Perhaps the GT-R actually puts down that much power? Maybe.

Again, I will wait for a more viable source than C&(BMW nuthugger)D.
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