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Race Events Hawaii is up! Calendar of Events for HRP!

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It's still a large WIP as far as the graphics and content are concerned, but the most important thing is that the Calendar is up, which is a pretty good visual representation of what'll be happening in the next year, everything from all of the Drift Session and Superlap functions to drag racing, karting, and the other misc events It's plotted all the way from January to December 05. All the events for HRP are posted with links to the their supporting sites such as Paul Giovanetti's HRP Drag Racing website for example.

Please have a look, and spread it around to your's nothing fancy, just good, functional information.

Please, don't hate me...I'm new at this shiat. :gap:

Hey Chris, what'cha think?
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Nice, good luck with the cameras though.
gotta buy them cheap wireless ones and stream them somehow.
Thanks's amateur work at best, but it'll get better as time goes on. I'm learning as I go. :gap:

Yah Chris, we're still working out the Track Cams aspect...we might be getting a dedicated server/software for the cams, but we'll have to get a much faster connection, like cable or DSL first (we're on 56k at the track and that just won't support something like that).

I'll be adding a Feedback/Guestbook to it soon, so I can get some online feedback from people that use it. Thanks again for the kind words.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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