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radar detector

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What is a good brand/model for a radar detector? Right now i'm looking to buy either a Escort or Cobra from best buy, but just want to know which brand really works.
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Get a X50 in blue. I could go into alot of detail but I don't need to. That's the best one your gonna find on the market right now for the daily driver.
wtcnbrwndo4u said:
Valentine One all the way. Yeah, it's $400, but it tells you which direction the signal's coming from and is quicker at sensing signals (read comparisons with the Passport).
It's big its heavy and its outdated and overpriced. And the arrows don't really help. The x50 has expert mode which takes care of that. And side radar you can ignore anyways..
gt-s boy said:
I have a Beltronics V995, and it's a very good radar detector.
Yep it's the same as the passport for all intents and purposes
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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