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Radar Detectors Ban from 2008 in NZ

Hey fellow Kiwi's! How are we doing here? It's a pity that there hasn't been much posts from us nor our Ozzy friends across the ditch.

So the time has come and the governing body have decided to outlaw the use of radar detectors beginning from 2008. I no longer use a radar detector and haven't used one since I last got mine stolen. While I find radar detectors highly effective, they can be distracting at time with false alarms and certainly a big attraction for thieves. While it is good practice to remove and carry away with you your radar detector each time you leave your vehicle, there will be the odd few times it is impractical to do so and SHATTER, with a bit of bad luck that may just be the last time you see your radar detector.

What are your experiences with radar detectors? What do you feel about the government's ever tightening grip on car enthusiasts with new exhaust noise regulations, and the recent banning of radar detectors?

Are radar detectors similarly banned in Australia, and other Pacific Countries? What is the situation and general attitude from governing bodies in your countries?
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