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Raised Hood Scoops...

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Was searching for raised (non cf) hood scoops and it appears that is no longer online. Is this true, or does he have another site?

Anyone know of any other sellers other than VIS that won't cost as much as a hood?
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I wouldn't even get one. They are troublesome with fitment issues and you'd need a kit before you persued getting one of these. The agressive look of a raised scoop look would be killed by a subtle weak body.
i have one, look at my sig

no kit as well... i dont think it looks agressive
I like the look of the raised hoodscoop. Subtle, but adds alot to the look of the car. Good luck finding one.

Ebay is the only place I see them anymore. Or if you're lucky you can find one used in the for sale forum.
i like the hood scoop from the front view, but imo it just looks weird when you look at it at the side. The big lump on the hood just looks out of place.
So thelostrican did go out of business?

BTW, SuuPaSeDan...

What scoop is that?
I think it is funny how often raised hoodscoop threads start. It seems like there is a lot of people out there still looking for a good scoop like myself, but they seem to be so hard to find a good one now.
And there's not a lot of choices either.

Here's the list:

BrashBoy CF
Sports M
Rod Millen CF

I believe that is all. There are basically only 4 scoop styles. C-One/Vis look similar, Toyota Sport M and Brashboy look similar, Bomex, and RMM.
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