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Rays TRD T3's, Complete Action "TRD" Kit, TRD Exhaust, BRS c/f Hood.

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Make Offers, Worst I Can Say Is No. Will Also Consider Trades Depending On Parts.

Complete 2000-05 OEM Action Package "TRD" Kit, 202/Black. No Parting Out
-Front Bumper (Includes Aftermarket Foglights, License Plate Braket, Top and Bottom Grills, and Foam Absorber)
-Left and Right Side Skirts
-Rear Valance Lip (somehow lost pic, will get later)
-Third Brake Light Cover (somehow lost pic, will get later)

Tsunami Hood Scoop, 202/Black.

TRD Exhaust, 2ZZ-GE Extended Ver. Will Fit 1ZZ-FE With Right Size Gasket. (Still On Car)

Rays TRD Sports T3, Bronze 17X7.5

BRS Carbon Fiber Hood, Oxidized Clear, No Hood Scoop.

JDM Navigation Console With Button Filler, No Internals.

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I will buy the wheels, I will more than likely start a bidding war if i have to ;)

You have a PM from me.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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