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Real Kaminari kit for sale. MUST GO!!!

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alright, i know i have posted about this kit before but this time it must go, no trading or swapping unless its for performance parts, (header, PFC, etc.). they only part i will take for trade that isnt perf. is an 03 up front bumper, and it must be sent first due to the fact i cant drive 45 min. to work without a front. i will post pics tonight, the kit is painted silver, needs repainting but other than that it is flawless, to deep scratchs. It is ureathane. it also comes with APR canards mounted to it. will only ship through greyhound, paypal preferd so they get dibs. looking for $650 shipped for the whole thing since the cheapest you can get a real one for without canards is 800 plus shipping i think this is fair, just pm me with trades and offers or email me at [email protected], and thanks for looking
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Originally posted by vvtliguy
oh and if its picked up i would like the money sent first, i dont want the hasle of taking it all off the car and then having someone say "hey it needs paint" and not go through with the deal, it is all fine, but i have had this happen before
I am more than willing to pay beforehand as long as I have maybe a pic or two. The paint doesn't matter to me, I'm going to be repainting it anyway.
didnt you have some old pics vvtiguy? your car was parked on the lawn with a CF Hood. You can use that. It looks clean..... :)

Edit: Free Bump....

I also want the front. I have a Silver 03 bumper in good condition some scraatch on the bottom lip. But I dont know if its worth it to shipp it back and forth. Tell me what you think vvtliguy.
I'm interested in the front..... how much shipped to 90806? Pics to [email protected]
i want the whole thing lol
I'm interested (for the whole kit) and willing to pay a little more for it since its already painted silver
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