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is it possible to install the GTS rear disc brakes on a GT which has drums??

and anyone sellin if it works or wherie can get em?

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Yes it could be done, but if you have to ask, then you uprobably shouldn't try it.

Minimum set of parts...

1) Rear hub with brake assembly (just unbolt the parts from the rear control arm of a GTS). That should get you all the hardware. Make sure you take the brake lines (if they are different)

2) Parking brake cable (if it is different).

That is the minimum.

To do it right:

3) Master cylinder from the GTS. The GT and GTS have differnt line pressure in front and in rear, so neither master cylinder will be perfect for the GT, unless you upgrade the front brakes too.

4) DO you have ABS, if so, don't forget the ABS hardware.

A trip to your Toyota parts counter would reveal what parts are the same and what is different.

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