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is it possible to install the GTS rear disc brakes on a GT which has drums??

and anyone sellin if it works or wherie can get em?

Black Celica GT 2000
TRD Leather
Racing Seats (Red/Black)
Injen Short Ram Air Intake
Ignited Push Button Engine Start
Racing Hart M5 18"
Pirelli P7000 SuperSport
H&R Sport Springs
15% Visibility Window Tint ~ Llumar
RAZO Aluminium Racing Pedals
TRD Black Carbon Fiber Shift Knob
TRD Black Shoulder Pads (in rear)
S2000 Antenna
Apexi Turbo Timer (New Model)
Wings West V-Line Rear Wing
Clear Bumper Lenses
DRLs disabled
Super White Everything
Redded Out Tail Lights
GTS Rims as Winter Tires Yokohama A520

On The Way...
Kaminari Body Kit
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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