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Recommended tire size plz

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I'm about to order some 18x7.5 ADR M-sport.. what the best tire size recommended?
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redlinee46s3 said:
I concur.
lol, me too. It's a bit beefier than 215/40/18/. I run these and they are a very nice size.
what happen if i were to get 17x7.5 i dont know what size to get 17 or 18.. what would u guys prefer..
225/45/17 for 17's and 225/40/18 for the 18's You can do 215 on either if you want a cheaper tire.
and please don't get 215/35/18 since the 40 sidewall is rough enough on the roads, atleast you have that much of a less chance of bending a wheel. I posted in an old thread that ADR wheels are pretty easy to bend. If you want looks, go 18's, if you want a better performing, smoother ride, get the 17's.
thanks for letting me know and the heads up
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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