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Hi all , my first post here!

My recently purchased Celica did not have a fully functioning remote ( had to always unlock by inserting key).

The lock button was functioning correctly, while the unlock button did nothing. After realizing that the lock button flashes the small red light on the remote and the unlock does not, I suspected a broken button.

I managed to resolve this by re-soldering the unlock button, steps below:

  1. Unscrew key on remote fob
  2. Remove the inside board
  3. Remove the rubber cover ( same side as the buttons ) , this was the hardest part in my experience. I used a small plastic prying tool to slowly peel off one of the corners and then grab on, I believe this rubber cover is glued on so perhaps a heat gun/hair drier could work?
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  4. After removing the rubber cover, my unlock button was completely loose. I re-soldered it, I am pretty terrible at soldering but I got it to work!
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  5. Re-assemble and test. I knew straight away if the button was working again as the small red light on the remote was coming on as I was clicking to unlock.
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