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Ok, this walkthrough is assuming you've removed ALL the other panels, leaving ONLY the main dash part...

First, take the negative off....yur dealing with airbags, dont want an explosion

Well, steering wheel is probably the toughest part. Make sure the wheels are straight forward when you start this, and stay that way the whole time. Two torx type screws on either side to remove the cover/airbag...take off the connector, then the nut that secures the steering wheel..then pull and wiggle it off. Clockspring is after CAREFUL with it...pretty easy to break. There's 3 clips that hold it on the top, one on either side, then it just slides off..make sure it doesn't spin, and if it does, to put it back in the same spot when installing. After that, the two switches...those are just clipped in after taking the connectors off....and thats as far as you gotta go there.

AC controls are a pain, but not impossible. There's 3 metal cords that need to be removed...follow them up into the dash from the AC controls, pop em off the rods they are connected to, then the controls move forward...the connectors dont need to be removed. Just move it forward after releasing the clips on either side.

Pass Side Airbag is secured by 2 nuts from the bottom, then pushing it up and out. Remove all connecters to make it easy.

Instrument panel needs to be removed...3 screws, couple connectors in the rear, pretty easy.

now onto the main dash...2 screws on driver side under the covers, same on the pass side. Nut behind where the instrument panel was. Back down where the pass side airbag, there's a reinforcement it's bolted to. 2 bolts there to take off. Try lifting it out as you go...can help determine where else it's still bolted in. When you think you got em all off...start at one side..I started at the passenger, and push up and forward with some force...the dash is secured in by clips.
When the dash has been unsecured from the car itself, you gotta remove the main wiring harness and the remaining connectors from it. Connectors are things like the dash lighting brightness knob, hazard lights, cruise control box, "darkness" sensor, etc. Wiring harness clips are either screwed in or clipped in that just takes some fenaggling to get'll see what I mean...there's a couple right where the pass airbag used to be that are that type. Goodluck with it...hope that helped...
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