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Ride comfort question

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KYB AGX setting???

EDITED: Decided to go with the KYB AGXs w/ Tein S Techs. For setting which is better for daily driving w/ best ride comfort: 1F/2R, 2F/2R, 2F/3R??? I want to set it once and not mess with it again. Will be installing them hopefully within a week. Thanks again for all the previous help.

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^^^Thank you for the info...what is the typical setting for the axg on our car that will provide the most comfortable ride?
Can someone please help me out with which setting to use for the best ride quality and comfort? I searched and found stock is ~2F/3R. I dont have and other suspension mods and will be used as only a daily driver. Could you guys please help me out since you guys have probably tried all sorts of combinations? Thanks
thank you...anyone else with some input
Which set up is closer to stock 1F/2R or 2F/3R??? Please help me out, getting them is weekend. Thanks
BUMP...made a decision now need more help.....PLS :)
thanks man...i think im gonna try 2F/3R first and then go from there
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