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Ride comfort question

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KYB AGX setting???

EDITED: Decided to go with the KYB AGXs w/ Tein S Techs. For setting which is better for daily driving w/ best ride comfort: 1F/2R, 2F/2R, 2F/3R??? I want to set it once and not mess with it again. Will be installing them hopefully within a week. Thanks again for all the previous help.

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I have the agx with the tanabe gf210 (1.5" F/R) currently set on 2F/3R. Feels stiffer then stock and rides great IMO. My parents think its too stiff for daily driving but I do mostly highway so its fine for me. I also have the Hotchkis street sway bars, so factor that in as well. (I heard 1F/2R was closer to stock but I guess it depends which springs you use)
I would set them to where you think you want them and drive around a day or two like that until you know for sure. the first couple days/weeks you should probably play with them till you get them where you like them. I like mine where they are at now but i'm going to change it up just to see what happens. To know that when i'm around town 2-2, or 1-2 is good, but for long distance high way i might want 2-3, or 3-3. I dont know how many people daily drive with a 4 setting but I would image not to many.

Have fun with it for a little while before you settle into one setting for good, cause once you do you'll sometimes question why you splerged for the ajustable only to keep them at one setting. IMO. just my .02
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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