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Rota and Nippon wheel pics

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Anyone have pics of the Rota slipstream. I know they just started making 5x100+40. Wont these fit ok with our Celica? Heard you have to use spacers cause of calibers.

Also anyone have pics of these Nippon wheels?

Am interested in both so any pics of the wheels with our Celica would be great.
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+40 will fit but the other sizes +45 and +48 will not fit
Am I right in saying that a 48mm offset would be "stock" on a 6.5in wide rim, 42mm on a 7in rim, and 35mm on a 7.5in rim? So 45mm and 48mm on a 7.5in wide rim would be WAY off on a Celi, right?

These are just my calculations, I could be way off. What is stock offset on the 15x6 GT rims and on the 16x6.5 GTS rims?

PS. I based my calculations on what Chiz has, if I recall correctly he has 18x7.5in rims with 35mm offset, so my numbers above are based on that. I believe his rims fit PERFECT, they come right to the edge of the car, sweet.
yes WAYY'll need wheel spacers...
I think +39mm is stock offset for a 6.5" rim... on a GT anyway.
This is a good tool for determining clearances with different width rims and offsets.
Anyone have pics of these rims?
URXA "Anyone have pics of these rims?"

Yeah, they're in the first post.
So basically if you wanted these rims bad enough (any of the Rotas) you would just need spacers? Are spacers safe? Using Hellr's link I figured...

6.5in wide - 39mm offset = +/- 0 over stock (-17mm in from body)

7.5in wide - 35mm offset = +17mm over stock (perfectly flush with the body)

Rota Sizes
6.5in wide - 40mm offset = -1mm under stock (-18mm in from body)

7in wide - 40mm offset = +5mm over stock (-12mm in from body)
7in wide - 45mm offset = +/- 0mm over stock (same as stock)
7in wide - 48mm offset = -3mm under stock (-20mm in from body)

7.5in wide - 45mm offset = +7mm over stock (-10mm in from body)
7.5in wide - 48mm offset = +4mm over stock (-13mm in from body)

Basically all the Rotas that are +x over stock are between stock and Chiznarles' setup, which I figure wouldn't look any worse than stock obviously. If I went with a 6.5in wide rim I would use a spacer just to push it out a little.

Ps. I hope it's cool with Chiz that I'm using him as the standard to look for :)
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7.5in wide - 48mm offset = +4mm over stock (-13mm from body)

WOHOO! Then i get 15mm H&R spacers and i'm good to go.....right?
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