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Royal Purple Gear Oil.... :bowdown:

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This stuff is phenominal.

-Expensive, but you should only need to put it in your car once.
-The performance of the fluid is consistant with Redline in that it takes the engine warming up (About 5 minutes) before it peaks

-Shifting is like butter. Beyond belief.
-Best performing gear oil I have tried yet.

Summary, I have been using Valvoline Gear Oil for the first 2500 miles of my new engine. Shifting has been stiff and hard to get in gear sometimes, as if the syncros were made of concrete. I was hoping it wasn't the tranny. I mean it's been a year since I drove this car, so anything could have happened in that time. Well, I was changing my oil and adding Mobil 0W-30 (also great stuff) and decided to make the change in the gear oil. Wow. Day and night. I cannot believe the difference. I could not be happier. The TRD clutch and B&M shortshifter can now be utilized as I'm not affraid to put them to use anymore.

I haven't used Redline yet, but I'm sure the perfomance is very simular based on reviews I have read on this board. The reason why I chose Royal Purple is it is what we run in our race cars.

Sypnopsis (sp):
Valvoline Gear Oil 75/90- Dogsh!t, worse than Toyota fluid that comes stock
Toyota Gear Oil 75/90- Great for street use
Royal Purple 75/90- Gear Oil of the Gods
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Best manual tranny fluid ever: GM Syncromesh. That's it, that's all.
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