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RPM spikes

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I just installed a extended push rod and aluminum bushings for the shifter cables in the engine compartment. In order to do this I had to remove the intake and intake filter. Now when I accelrate the car it's RPM's spike to about 5000-6500 before the car actually starts to pick up speed. It almost feels like the clutch is slipping but there is no smell of buring clutch and I take my foot completley off the clutch peddle before I press the gas. My friend did the same kinda modifications to his Celi and it didn't spike his RPM's. But he did install a short ram and I still have the stock intake. I'm fairly certain that I put all the hoses and wiring's back on (there sure are a lot of them). Please if anyone has any ideas to what is wrong let me know. It's a 2002 Celica GT.
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well its possible the extended push rod is causing the problem, or you have a vacuum leak. try taking the rod out and see if the problem still exhists
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