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The RS3200 and RS3200 Plus are the two OEM security systems made by Toyota that were installed on the Celica.

Toyota Installation Manuals:

RS3200 Installation Manual

RS3200 Plus Installation Manual

Toyota part numbers for the two systems:

These include everything you need to install the system.

RS 3200 Kit: 08586-2D860-AA
RS 3200 Plus Kit: 08586-2D870-AA

Differences between the two different RS 3200 security systems for the Celica:

  • Intended for cars without factory keyless entry receiver installed
  • Single ECU Module which installs in driver's kick panel area
  • ECU includes built-in keyless entry receiver
  • Installation kit/wiring harness includes Piezo buzzer that installs under hood to produce beeping confirmation tones for arm/disarm
  • Some wire splicing required for installtion

RS 3200 Plus:
  • Intended for cars with factory keyless entry receiver installed
  • Two separate ECU Modules
    • main control module in driver's kick panel area
    • glass-break sensor ECU module hidden behind glove box in passenger kick panel area
  • Will not work properly without factory keyless entry receiver installed
  • No piezo buzzer included with installation kit/wiring harness*
  • No wire splicing required for installation**

* In some very rare cases, certain cars had the piezo buzzer installed as part of the keyless entry package. Most of the time, it's not there. It has no effect on the function of the RS3200+ whether this is present or not.

** There are 3 wires that come with terminals installed to plug into blank pins on an existing connector.

Other Info

  • RS 3200 Keyless Remote/Transmitter FCC ID#: BAB237131
  • RS 3200 Plus Transmitter FCC ID: depends on keyless receiver installed

The Toyota compatibility info says that the RS3200+ will only work with '03 and up model years, however, this is not correct. I have installed it into a pre-2003 car successfully simply by following the normal installation procedure in the manual. From looking at the wiring diagrams, it appears that all wiring that the RS3200+ depends on is the same for all model years.

It is possible to install a Toyota keyless entry receiver that originally came from a different Toyota car of a similar year range into the Celica. As long as the receiver has the correct size of connector to plug into the Celica harness, it has worked every time I've attempted this. I've used keyless modules from the Camry, Corolla and Matrix and all have worked. I have had success using keyless entry modules that came from different cars with the RS 3200+.

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Your car may not have the alarm, but it might still have a keyless receiver. To see if this receiver is present, you have to take off the plastic cover under the rear window on the driver's side in the back seat.

Here's a picture of the keyless receiver:

Many Celicas did not come with either the factory keyless receiver OR the alarm installed, but it's extremely easy to install them yourself even if you've never worked on a car before -the installation for either one is completely plug and play.

If your car doesn't have keyless and you want to install it, all you need to do is buy a keyless receiver that has the right FCC ID on eBay or from a junkyard . I've circled the right FCC ID in red on the picture for you. Type this number into eBay search and you should find some used receivers that are correct. The used receiver doesn't even have to be from a Celica -it just needs to have the right FCC ID. The receiver in the picture is from a Camry, but I successfully installed it into a Celica. Even if the FCC ID is a different one, but the receiver had the correct connector to plug into the Celica, it will probably work, but I'm just trying to make your life easier -if the FCC ID matches, it's guaranteed to work. if you want to see a picture of the correct connector just ask and I'll post one.

There is no rewiring required to add a factory keyless receiver to a car that didn't come with it -the connector it plugs into is already there, installed from the factory on your car and all Celicas and all you have to do is plug it in to the receiver -way easier than installing aftermarket keyless and probably cheaper too.
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