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Sacramento JDM Pre-meet

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alright everyone, i guess ill set up the sacramento pre-meet since no one else is jumping on it. lol. we will make it the same as always. so here it is....

IN-N-OUT off of Truxel in Natomas.

meet up at 8:30 am.

we leave at 9:00 am SHARP!!!!

the pre-meet in the bay is at 11:00 so that will give us 2 hours to get there.

that means we are leaving AT 9:00 so dont call my cell and 8:59 and tell me you will be there in 10min. :nono: lol.

im pretty sure that will give us enough time to get there and all that. if anyone has any questions or suggestions just leave me a message.

also leave a message if u are going to be there, just so i know how many to expect.


People Attending

saccelica916 (Thomas)
TyNi (Emily)
Kalizo (Kevin)
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TaRaNtULa said:
yeh! for sac folks!! heheheheh i better not get on the freeway around 9 on sunday because traffic will backed up for days because of all the celicas on the road from sac!!. lol...
Why aren't YOU comming? :wtf:
d_fedx_b said:
i might go but not sure. I have to do the army thing this weekend, but if the weather looks good for sunday im going to try to get out of it but no promisses
Army Shmarmy, you're going. :thumbup:
saccelica916 said:
thanks emily, i am realy reconsidering going if this is all the turnout from sac we will get.
Don't even think about backing out! They'll be more when we get to the bay.
You too Emily. :furious:
Sweet, hope to see you guys there. I'm going either way.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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