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I will spare the drama

Few guys that work in engineering for Subaru, in Ann Arbor, brought the only driving US spec. 2004 WRXSTI that will be for sale in May in the states. A few of the other STis here, are only being displayed at shows, not driven.

They also brought a 2004 2.5 wagon.

Both cars were white, in color or pigment, my favorite.

The STI has a differential adjuster on the center console, just right of your right thigh. It looks like a round light dimmer control. With this on the fly deal, if you want the rear to hang out, or tuck in, you can adjust while you drive.

We were asked to not post pictures for any media purposes or internet sites yet, but were very gracious to let us have rides.

The front ends of the new models are better.

The car weighs in the 3100lb area.

It is about 2 grand more than the Evo8, but has no open diff., a much more elaberate LSD and locking dif(forgot how is was explained). The car does sport 300hp.

It was pretty to see it in a plume of white snow draped over the car in a over 80mph 4 wheel drift on the back sweeper.

My blue civic standard was pegged at over 65mph in that section, on my fastest 2 runs, so that is how I based the mph!

here is a link of SVR!

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