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Scion Evolution xA Rally Car
At knott's scary farm scion night event, two of the largest southern california scion clubs were given the opportunity to show off their creativity. The two teams unveiled their version of scion xa to the public. Both cars shined under the spotlight, but se rally car definitely showcased something off the wall. The first scion xa rally car was born.

As an ongoing project promoted by scion corp, se socal was given this opportunity to build a scion xa according to their liking (along with a comfortable budget to make it possible). Scion evolution took a risk at the styling game. What better way to continue selegacy than to break out of the mold and take it to the next level. Se has always been raising the bar and setting the standards, so why not continue the trend and build something that is out of the norm but still is cutting edge and can give ideas to other tuners/fabricators/modders.
1 - 20 of 165 Posts
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