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Searching for a JDM 2000 Celica
My name is Chris, I am the leader of Insight SPL and a current official sponsored vehicle for BOMEX USA for the past 6 yrs. Insight SPL is looking for a 2000 JDM celica and up either it be GT or GTS. Owner of vehicle must be nice, dedicated, loyal, responsible and reliable. Vehicle cannot be stock, must have modifications because your car will be used by BOMEX USA for the new 2000 Celica kit. Your vehicle will also be featured in Auto Salon on April 25-27, but that all depends on you.... if you can fulfill the request that I have listed above then I can get you the celica kit as a BOMEX Sponsor. Interested Celica owners must be interested on joining a TEAM. Insight is located all around southern california.

Vehicle Requirements: I prefer JDM but if your car is nice, clean, and good quality then there shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you
Chris S.
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