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It's definitely the synchos. there is no way if the synchos wasn't bad for you to grind it shifting, if you push in the clutch to shift which it seems like you are doing. and why would it only happen for that gear? by coincidence? take it in to dealer if your warranty is still good

2kcelicaGT said:
I have a quick question:

I have a 2000 Celica GT 5-speed, and when I shift at redline from first to second gear, I grind gears everytime. I never grind during any other gears. Is it the fact that I suck at shifting, and am still giving it some throttle when I try to shift fast (even though I do this for other gears) or could it be something wrong with my gears, people are always talking about "syncros." Please explain whats going on, thanks in advance, can this be fixed?

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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