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Shopping List

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Alright instead of having several different threads I am condensing them into this one shopping list of a thread!!

Let the list begin.

-Full Coilovers Tein or whatever you have to offer
-Short Shifter (B&M or TWM)
-Weighted Shift Knob
-New shift boot
-TRD exhaust
-Varis Body Kit (I or III preferably black)
-TRD Rims
-Carbon Fiber door inserts
-New seats

And that is it, for now. Will update this thread as my needs change.
So start sending me some pics and offers of what you have =)
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I've got a set of brand new TopShops door inserts. They're not CF but they're primed so you can paint them or have them CF wrapped. Let me know...
1 - 1 of 71 Posts
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