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Shopping List

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Alright instead of having several different threads I am condensing them into this one shopping list of a thread!!

Let the list begin.

-Full Coilovers Tein or whatever you have to offer
-Short Shifter (B&M or TWM)
-Weighted Shift Knob
-New shift boot
-TRD exhaust
-Varis Body Kit (I or III preferably black)
-TRD Rims
-Carbon Fiber door inserts
-New seats

And that is it, for now. Will update this thread as my needs change.
So start sending me some pics and offers of what you have =)
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aight atleast i have someone to cry with me :chuckes:
Did they tell you on the spot? Or do you have to wait for that dreaded phone call?
phone call... its not looking to good though because they have yet to call =(
phone call... its not looking to good though because they have yet to call =(
Sometimes they get busy n such... I say, call before xmas, about a week after you applied.... they like that, but not too soon.
I have gone down in person but the problem is manager isnt around. As for the phone call i am gonna call them this week and see what happens...
bump to the top.... I desperately need the hotchkis rear camber kit... just saw how bad of a camber i have and need it bad!!!!!!
PM ME ASAP if you are selling one!
Got a set of 2000 GTS Black Leather seats in great cond. PM me if interested
Sorry looking for some non stock seats.. and yes floormats have been found =)
Anyone got sport m headlights for a decent price (not an arm and a leg)!!!
Bumping this back up.

Current priority is rims since I am going to need new tires before long....
looking for a set of 17/18 that MUST be able to fit a BBK. Looking to pay ~$1000 preferably less. Willing to drive up to 6 hours in any direction for pickup....
61 - 71 of 71 Posts
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