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See invitation at the bottom :)

I needed a seperate thread to keep a head count and item count seperate from the Towson Town meet, since people have already stated they are going to one and not the other. I'm getting too cofused in the other one. I transferred over as much information as I could. If what I have of yours is not right, please let me know.

The sign up is mostly for beer/soda/drinks. I will supply the majority of the food, but will not complain if you want to bring a big salad or chips or a desert instead. Ice will also be needed. Please let me know. I also need to know if you are bringing someone (like your bf/gf)

This BBQ is not only for DCM members. Todd is inviting many mountain bike freinds as well as other friends of ours. Should be a good time. I'm also making a HUGE twister board out of a king size sheet :chuckles: Todd may set up horseshoes in the back as well.

Don't forget the Towson Town part of the meet at 1:00pm!!!

2000 Avalon (Case of Soda or the almighty O3)
Beast (2 Cases of Beer)
Don P (sky blue, chairs)
dbzog (ice)
dfess (brownies)
Fireman +1
GT-Schick (drinkies!)
industrialTOOL (ice)
IrCGTS (big pasta/shrimp/crab salad)
JaxCD (soda/beer)
kaioshin (Beer and O3)
LeahWhytCeli (chips)
Lexx (ice)
megami (sky blue)
MicaCeli (soda) no butsecs plz.
No Camo Celica (beer/soda)
rdrunr8 (Cookies and/or Cupcakes)
ringthree (Case of Sodie or Beer)
Sickceli +wife (beer)
SilvrGTSShadow (Beer)
speedyimport +1 (pies, tent if needed)
Teh Chad
TheXerox +1 (brownies)
WillyWonka (Case or 2 of Diet Coke)
XYRCNCP (Case of Soda or the almighty O3)

halo supplies
schlegelbagel - 2 TVs
Kaioshin -TV, Xbox, Halo, 2 Controllers, cat5 cable
ringthree - Xbox, 2 controllers, 2 cat5 cables, Halo
DonP -Xbox, 1 controller, cat5 cable, Halo
Beast - TV, xbox, Halo?

*note* need more controllers, and that is it.


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Liz I'm in with a couple cases of beer. See you there and thanks for the warm welcome.:thumbup:

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just re-confirming for Carrie and I, and for the SKYY BLUE and I just found some foldable chairs, I might have up 4, so I'll bring them. See you then

P.S. and my grilling services if need, are at your disposal.

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I got a frisbee, football, should I bring them???? How about a cooler, should those of us bringing beer try to bring a cooler as well?? How about naked jello

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Cooler would be nice. I'm going to have 2 big tubs of ice for drinks, but more drink space would be good.

Bring whatever things you want. There is not the space at my house to play football or frisbee, but there is an open grassy common area for your playing pleasure :thumbup: We may set up horsehoes up over there too for the afternoon.
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