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Since I don't really do much around here anymore...

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Has something been planned for November yet?

October was a fun and crazy month for me, sorry I haven't been around. :)

Any ideas for November? There has been mention of poker and New Year's Eve, by the Misses, if anyone is interested.

Got some debate and going to see Allie in VA Beach in November, but I would like to know if anyone is interested, so I can start working out dates.
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schlegelbagel said:
nothing is planned for November. I don't even know where its supposed to be. I"m not whoring my house out, because family will be in town.

I've been tossing around a DCM christmas party and gift exchange game. Anyone interested? And if so, what weekend works best? I know it can get crazy around the holidays.
I'd be interested in that. We could do a white elephant gift exchange. Those are always fun.
i still have them, dammit.
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