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Installed a Weapon R header on my Cousin's Celica and just thought I'd give it a quick reveiw on it.

Looks pretty nice all chromed out. in some places it looks like they welded the pipes together before coating it as is proper, in other places it looks like they welded the pipes after the fact (possibly weakening the welds). The exit piping is small though, 2.1" if I recall correctly, that's about .1" bigger than the secondary runners.

Install is pretty straightforward, if you've installed a header on the Celica before. only thing is you have to cut off the CAT and weld on a flange to your mid-pipe. I suggest just dumping the mid-pipe and use some pre-bent mandel bends to make yourself a nice SS exhaust system (Qty 2 45degree bends and Qty 1 3ft straight section). Otherwise you'll have to weld a nice flange onto a rusty pipe (as I did since my cousin did not want to spend the $$$ for that).

Fitment is OK. the top secondary runner hits the firewall and the first O2 sensor bung was not threaded all the way so the O2 did not have enough thread engagement and fell out during the test drive. Came back and had to tack welded the O2 to the bung.

As for it making more power, low and mid range definitely is better but due to a prevalent issue on his vehicle (see this thread) I can't really say if overall it is better or not.

If anybody in Madison needs one installed please PM me for details.

Thank you.
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