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Smart Forstars Concept
The latest such concept is the Smart Forstars, which is named both for the glass roof which permits a clear view of the night sky, as well as for the fact that it houses a projector on the hood, allowing movies to be displayed wherever you park. An electric car, it comes equipped with an app that let’s you control the video functionality, as well as do other tricks, like set the vehicle temperature before you even get to your car.

Similar in styling to the Smart-for-us pickup concept, which was on display at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, it foreshadows the brands styling direction. Preceded by numerous concepts (and very little in the way of product), expect Smart to stick closely to this design and even announce something more concrete when it debuts later this month at the Paris Motor Show – France being Smart’s home-base.

The sports activity coupe has a two-foot longer wheelbase than the Smart Fortwo, and is 7.5-inches wider in the front and 3.5-inches wider in the rear. Making it all the more dramatic, this tiny car rides on 21-inch wheels that would look huge on anything but an Escalade.

Powering the car is a new electric motor from Mercedes-tuner Brabus paired with a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery generating roughly 80-hp and 96 lb-ft of torque, which Smart claims gives the car, “agile and lively performance.”

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