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Issue 1 car is pulling to the right even after i got an alignment.
Issue 2 Oil and Gas consumption and power loss.
Issue 3 Transmission shifting issue.
issue 4 burnt out front speakers.

OK so i will be the first one to say that my celica aint new and its going on 190k but i've been its only owner. i've done some good work on it in the past and now its time to do some more. i'm a tell you now that if you want to be childish with your posts i will flag you, so lets keep it serious.

Issue 1 is probably the most important and i will be tearing into my car to look for the cause of the bad steering, i've changed the spindle in the past for reasons i will not name here on the passenger side front wheel. i'm fairly sure the issue in not the CV joint i think the issue comes from the tie rods so i will be looking at those and posting some pics here

Issue 2 i think that this issue pertain to issue 3 so i will look into this before i mess with the tranny. basically for a while now my car lags in power when i floor it trying to merge into traffic, then gas consumption went up and i feel that the transmission is not shifting properly due to this issue of air flow. so i looked at the maf and had it cleaned and i think i even replaced it a while ago but the issue is only getting worse so after much deliberation i'm down to the TPS being responsible. i'm going to clean out the throttle body and replace the TPS and we'll see how that fairs th car usualy smokes out some white smoke out the back but i have not seen any oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil but i guess there could be a head gasket leak at best but more of a concern to me is the oil consumption. i am well aware that this issues is common on 1zz fed and fe engines.

Issue 3 the Automatic transmission shifting issue is basically as follows, on cold days it takes a long ass time for it to finally go into that last gear. it always take the same amount of time before it will change but thats not all, while driving and trying to speed up sometimes the car will lag and the transmission will forcibly kick down a gear which does not feel great. so basically if issue 2 does not fix that i will be looking at the shift solenoids.

issue 4 i'm getting new speakers since the originals are done, i already got the head unit installed and i'll post some pics of what i went with.
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