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Sold the Celi and got an Acura TL.

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Sold my 2000 GTS to my friend and got a silver TL with Navigation. Awesome car. So many gadgets, I love it. They put alot of German engineering into this car. Best bang for your buck too. Check out the interactive guide at Acura abd see how cool the car is.
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Congrats. Shame they have all that power just spinning the front wheels, but definitely a nice car.
IrCGTS said:
Wheres the German engineering in the TL?
Yeah what German Engineering?
lol yeah thats japanese engineering...nice car..good choice

shame its not awd or rwd

ive driven an 03 Type S its powerful well put together...not all that exciting though..celi is much more of a rush to drive
My gf's parents just picked up a new TL. Love the car--stereo is awesome.
I was told Acura used alot of German Engineering when designing the car. Style looks very European. Blue LED scheme inside looks like the Jetta. Has all the bells and whistles BMW's have, in reverse the side mirrors tilt down to see the curb etc. Too many to list. They definitely did something right with the design. I almost got an Altima SER but then walked across the street just to look at the TL and fell in love. No comparison.
nice purchase... but like everyone already said. should be rwd... but it does look damn good...
Originally posted by MarkyMark
holy ****, I am so jealous :(

I love the TL. I think it's one of the best looking cars on the road.
Originally posted by WillyK

I love the TL. I think it's one of the best looking cars on the road.
:stupid: someone on campus has one around here. White w/gold volks and painted carbon fiber hood. :drool:
I am considering a NEW TL, 350z or G35 coupe as my next car... out of curiosity how much did u pay for the TL out the door?
In my area (DC Metro) prices aree not that flexible but I did OK. No better or worse than anyone else. $33,800 @ 2.9% financing. Plus I got them to throw in the all season weather mats.
As for rear wheel drive. Practicality of the FWD is best for me. One snow storm and my car would probably be wrecked.
great everyone else said though, too bad it isnt rwd. It would be some serious competition for the german cars if it was.
tl>rl ;)
and altima to a TL is a big jump. Excellent choice though. Like most people here, i love that car!!
Originally posted by Kuz
tl>rl ;)
Kuz said:
dude, the RL looks sweet and not to mention the top-of-the-line all wheel system, SH-AWD. Before all the RL hype, there was an article (Option2 if i remember right) that i read about the AWD system. The prototype RL was able to beat a GT-R (dont remember which skyline it was but i assumed it was the R34) on a track. SH-AWD > ATTESA-ETS... hard to believe, i have to see it for myself.
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