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Dont worry about asking the questions dude.. they're pretty good questions for someone new in here. To answer your first question... one of the cars I have at my house in a montero SR from 1997 ( I Love that car).. one of the problems in it though is that the spare is mounted right on the back door.. which means that your visibility is cut too.. to tell you the truth when I bought my celi (GTS so it came with spoiler) no one mentioned to me the problems with rear view and I never really noticed after that.. you just adjust to it just like any other car...

About the torque issue.. if you're racing on a straightaway against a 50 mustang then you should know the answer to your question.. but I've had mustangs kick my ass hard on empty roads but when they stop for lights i can go around the U turn thingie and get right back on the same road at like 100 mph so theres no way that they can really beat me cause I'll outsmart them every time.. and laterally our cars are much better handling...

I posted once in a thread the comparison between total G's felt in 0-60, lateral, and braking acceleration... it was a comparison between a firebird and a celica GTS and the celica kicked its ass when all three were added.. which meant that it can make your internal body organs shake much more than the firebird.. so straightline isnt everything.

If you had a budget of 1000 then my suggestion would be free up the breathing of the car better.. afterall it has a very fast heartbeat and breathing is everything (i'm in med school so you can understand the med talk)... get a cold air intake and an exhaust... you can find a million and one posts in here talking about the diff. kinds of each available so dont bother asking which one to get or you'll get flamed... thats something you should be able to use the search button for.

Dont worry about your questions being dumb. if you think you're gonna be asking a question that ppl have answered before use the search function... it'll save you time and aggrevation from people who's goal in life is to flame newbies asking dumb questions that have been answwered 700 times before.. (like me .. hehe)

anyway good luck with getting a celica.. its an incredible machine...

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