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Originally posted by amicek:
<FONT size="2">Text</FONT s>I just have a couple of questions about the celica, racing, and whatnot.

First, is the rear visibility out of the back of the celica really that bad? I've heard some pretty awful things about it. Is it tolerable?

Second, what would you guys say are some basics for street racing. I've heard a lot about the thumbs up and the hazards flash and the like. What is some standard stuff?

Third, does the stock celica have much torque for a four cylinder?

Finally, lets say you had a budget of 1000 bucks and wanted to get as much performance from the celica as possible. Not counting the cost of installation, what would ya buy?

Sorry about the dumb questions, thanks in advance for answering.
Let me see if I can help here. With the street racing etiquette any ways. I am always a good sport, regardless of the situation. If I get smoked, which happens frequently in the Celica
If I can ever manage to catch them, I give them the thumbs up for props on their ride, or I'll roll down the window and tell them "good run" smile, and go our separate ways. If I win, I'll do the same thing.

Here is something that irritates the heck out of me. Ricers do this. When I smoke you and you see my brake lights, the race is over, because you were behind me when I stopped racing because either A: You're not worth getting a speeding ticket or B: you are a total waste of my gas. Don't do a ricer flyby. That's when I skunk some honda or Neon or whatever and they catch up and pass me when I'm clearly on my brakes. Then they hit their hazards like they won a race or something. Grrrr... Just keep telling yourself that, retards.

I did that to a Neon R/T the other day. This kid is revving at me. I'm in my 78 Mercury Grand Marquis. The light goes green, and I hit the gas and pull away from him slowly but surely (I have a mild 460!). I hit the brakes after he's like 10 cars back and he goes flying around me while I'm still trying to bring my barge down to legal speeds and hits his hazards. Way to go champ!
Some people have a skewed sense of reality.

please tell me you don't do that!


Blaming guns for muders is like blaming spoons for fat people.
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