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These are pretty old but I thought I would post them anyways just because.

91 Probe LX 5-speed loss - Raced to 40 mph, he had me by 3 cars and I wasnt going to gain any ground. We started slow off the line then hit it, he pulled like a mofo. Before any one laughs at me for losing to this car. It was an engine swap probe. Had some major f-ing torque. One of my friends who knows this kid said it was a taurus v6 swap and act 1 clutch. Didn't see the engine though.

00 Ford Mustang v6 auto win - This guy was talking crap to me at work saying how he had 40 more horses then me he could kill me and that inline 4s have no power. He was stock, so after work we went out to clear road, and lined them up. I lauch at 4000 but got a bad launch which I need to work on. Didnt catch in 1st gear till 6000 rpms. He had a car and a half out of the hole, after that. I pulled hard and by the end of 3rd. I went from a car and a half back to 2 cars ahead.

98 Mustang v6 auto win - Some girl in my class, she was all talking crap about how her mustang was the best car and how cool it sounds. Actually it sounds like crap she has the exhaust relocated to the side, which it sounds like crap personally. Cant explain it but it isnt nice. Well we get a stop light one night and she reved on me. So I launch nicely at 3000 and powerbraked and we were off. I had one passenger, she had none. Side by side until 6000 rpms and then bye bye, shifted to 2nd and went from a half of car to 2 and a half cars. 3rd, she was way the hell back there. Anyways next day at school, she made all these excuses how her transmission was going bad. I was like ok, get the tranny fix and we will do it again for 100 dollars.

02 Sentra SE-R Spec V loss - To sum this up, it was against a friend his name is walley on this board, I had a great launch, he didnt because he only had his car a week, had him by a half of car out of the hole, once he shifted to 2nd it was bye bye. Sentras have mid range power. He put 2 and half cars on me till I shut down at 100.

Well that is it. My car is totally stock GT 5 speed. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I am gonna go to bed. Hope everyone enjoys.
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