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Some sound clips of my custom exhuast

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heres a couple clips:

Well I might have posted this a long time ago but anyhow I have an n1 muffler with custom piping. This is me opening it up doing about 115-120mph on the freeway:

Below is a clip of my exhaust from start to finish:

right-click save

divx 5.0.2 i think....
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Sounds good! :thumbup: I have a custom exhaust too with an Arospeed 4" bomb muffler and it sounds pretty much the same. Cant beat custom! :D
I need to get you all some clips of mine.
I think you might be impressed...
Nice sound you got there
nice vids but please tell me that the guy in the probe wasn't with you guys :ugh:
:werd: that probe was pretty nasty
Gotta have somthing in there to make him look good.... hehehe :chuckles:

Just Joking! :)
My exhaust before.....
Make sure to turn up your speaker really loude.. and boost up the bass much as you can.....
That'll be like 1/10 of how it sounded in person...... :D
Need4Spd said:
nice vids but please tell me that the guy in the probe wasn't with you guys :ugh:

i dont have time to watch it right now but if thats the HIN clip yep the purple probe was along for the ride down
yeah I have no clue where that probe came from but Mao (camry2000) thought it was film worthy lol :wtf:
I taped it cause it was domestic rice. LOL! It was good for a few laughs.
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