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Spec Blue Celi in Tampa Palms ???

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yesterday leaving Lows in Tampa Palms i say a Spec Blue Celi. pulling from a stop light with a full Blitz kit and clear turn sigs. anyone know who that might be? It looked good.
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seen him/her before... not sure who it is.. nice ride though.
I saw it to before...I have been lookin for them too.
I think he posts on Tampa
he just put a for sale add for a TRD wing.

must be him (spec blue) and wants either blitz or veilside front.
hey does it say auto trix in white all over the car? either way i saw a spec blue celica last nite at an aparment complex (too drunk to remember which one) by USF. it had a kaminari kit i think and white rims.
no this one was on some nice silver racing rims.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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