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Got one splitter for the TRD front bumper for sale.
New. Needs rods for proper installation

Price:$165 shipped ( Includes Paypal fees. US only )
Material: 1/8" ABS plastic (textured)

Please allow me a few days to find shipping box. I'll be prepping for import expo this weekend, so I should have a method to ship by the end of next week.

This is what it looks like installed

A quick HOW TO installation of splitter:
-Place splitter on a table with one end slightly off the table (so you do not drill through the table)
-Place your bumper on top of the splitter
-Clamp down both the splitter and bumper if possible, or have a friend assist
-Use this image as a guide to drilling the holes:

-Use zinc coated bolts/nuts if possible, to avoid rusting.
-On the TRD bumper you will be able to drill the first 3 holes from the inside downward
-As you progress, the holes must be drilled from the bottom upward. *Note the zig-zag pattern of the bolts across the larger surfaces
-Tighten each bolt as you go
-When you get to the middle section of the TRD bumper, or any narrow mid section on any bumper, you may do a straight line of bolts.
*if you can continue the zig zag pattern please do so.

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Please understand that if you start to make more of these, you're going to have to apply for a sponsor position, here at the forums.
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