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u want to start on a 600 maybe a 750? why not just go straight to 998 and up.. i mean, a 600 is only faster than a 998 off the line and will pull a wheelie just as easy.. i started on a 250 and i still droped my first bike, so i purchased another 250 just to ride around on for another year.. i'm a big guy and even a 250 tought me to appreciate alot in a motorcycle.. i got a speeding ticket on it doing 98 in a 55.. now i'm getting rid of the bike all together.. my g/f wouldn't let me ride it.. its for sale for 2400 OBO /w 3500 miles on it.. its a 02 kawasaki ninja 250 in bright ass yellow

one word of advice.. if you are going to buy a sportsbike and a 600 at that.. make sure you get the older model 600's .. something that won't whip up the wheel on you and pop a wheelie anywhere you go..
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