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List of the 6th gen/7th gen/Toyota Meet

Hey guys! It's that time again! This Spring I hope will be the biggest turnout to date! :love:

Official List (as of 5/7):

1. Chris/Stacy
2. Zach - burgers and burger buns
3. The Chee La and Mai See
4. Luke and Maggie
5. Devin - Grill
6. Joe - Bottled Water
7. Jake & Sam
8. Adam & lady friend (pending nice weather)
9. Drumbum (Aaron)
10. Daniel and Brigette- pending.
11. John
12. Drew- plus others hopefuly
13. Matt (DEATH)
14. Lindsay - Chips and (amazing) salsa
15. Art
16. Stephanie

Here's a link to the 6gc thread:

Here's a crappy video of Spring 2013...

As for anyone who has already gone to one of these meets, it's a blast! Meet lots of cool Celica people and just eat and relax. Hopefully this year we get to see Mark scream like a little girl again. Haha! (Mark, I'd scream too :gap:)

Video of Mark with dead fish:

The 6th gen website is holding there's at this location and date as well, so there will be LOTS of Toyota people and cars/Celica's. There will be a hike through Starved Rock State Park, so PLEASE bring a change of clothes and shoes so you can get muddy...

Here's a link to their thread:



Starved Rock State Park Area


41.310776, -88.939841

Here's some pictures so you guys know about where it is:

The area is really easy to find, it's RIGHT off of 72 and runs right along the Illinois River. It's a nice quiet area with plenty of parking, nice and wooded. There is a nice little pavilion with plenty of room for all of us.

This is going to be RAIN OR SHINE, for the people who are driving from far away.

I want to get an awesome turnout for this meet, so everyone tell EVERYONE! Like I stated before, it isn't just Celica's, Toyota's and Scion's are welcome as well (and any other crap cars :D)

So there is a small fun stretch of road that runs from the meeting place and Starved Rock Park. It's nothing crazy, but there are tire squealing corners to take around.


11 P.M Central Time

We will make this a "family type grill-out". We will be cooking meats of your choice and will all pitch in for foods/drinks/snacks.

So first, we will need to set an OFFICIAL DATE, then I will make up a sign up in this post.

Let's do this guys! And next is a BUNCH of pictures! Yay!

And here's the spot, nice and quiet:

Pictures from Fall 2013:

JDM Cupcakes, if you ate one, you probably gained 20hp in your car from now on. you're welcome!

Noberto's beauty

Celica... the way it should've came.

The Green one. :D


because RACECAR.

RWD Corner:



None of the rest of us are allowed to park near the Celicas:

Somebody stole my car and left a bumper in its place...

Drew caught a fish with his bare hands...

Luke made it out to dinner with us.

Looked in my mirror on the way to the hotel, swear I see a Celica.... Yep, Luke and Maggie caught up with us. Had a little fun on the highway.

Oh, and here's a video of the run through the curvy roads a while ago...

Video of Bitter's run. Not so good because of slow ass drivers.

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Damn, man! Photobomb much?

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hm, depending on how accepting you all would be of a high school kid coming I might think about making it. 7 hours is a long time though haha, I dunno we'll see
As long as you don't act like an idiot, come along! We'd love to have you! Lots of really nice people go to this meet.

Oh, and there's a guy that drives all the way from Nebraska for this meet every time...

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There's a hotel at the lodge, cabins, and some ground camping available but it's all by reservation.
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