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Spy Pics !!!

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:gap: :gap:

More to come......:eek:
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what color flakes are they?? what what body kit did u get again?
wonder how much it would cost to shave the door handles and install the right equipment
i thought u were getting lambo doors or something like that. never knew u gotta take the door out to shave the door handles
twistedGTS said:
damn, you dont mess around! I wish i could afford something like this
it does help to know people too. plus krysy is not a bad customer to have either :gap:
JCelica132 said:
Too bad it's illegal to have them...
it is?? why?? :confused:
hey krysy...i went by danny's auto shop today to get a quote for my lip kit to be stripped of the black and painted white. danny gave me a good quote. he said it should cost btwn 500-600 for everything :thumbup:

mark (pnygts) went with me too to get a quote on his WW kit
this is the same place i took joe, louie and now mark too. it's a spot in lindenhurst of ex 35 of southen state. i'm going back in a month or so. u can tag alone if u want or i can show u the place
not a big fan of the back but it is looking pretty damn good :thumbup:

when is the paint going on?
i'll have to look for the # but i definitly don't have the address. this place is of ex 35 on the SS but after u get off the exit, you gotta go about 10-12 miles afterwards

when do you plan on going?? if i'm free, i'll try and show u were it is
he is this dude i met in mineola. he has a red celi in his sig. he post in here once in a while
1 - 10 of 61 Posts
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