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Spy Pics !!!

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:gap: :gap:

More to come......:eek:
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That's gonna look nice and clean. Purple flake? Perfect for you. :)

Whenever I can afford a new paintjob, I'm shaving the door handles off for sure. :)

Looking good Krysy.
I knew something bad went down, I just didn't know the details. And that their customer service sucks (obviously), and most people's parts got damaged befure/during shipping.
Originally posted by TRD StreetRacing
mark (pnygts) went with me too to get a quote on his WW kit
Originally posted by TRD StreetRacing
he is this dude i met in mineola. he has a red celi in his sig. he post in here once in a while

Oh, pnoygts with the red celi, got ya. I hardly see him post in this forum.
1 - 8 of 61 Posts
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