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Spy Pics !!!

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:gap: :gap:

More to come......:eek:
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wingless and antennaless too. looks like its gonna be good krysy! i bet your happy your driver door is finally getting fixed too!
hey krys, if you ever need a inspection station hookup, i have my friend here in milford. i send everyone to him! just let me know. i dont mind. plus, i would like to see your car in person once its all done. just let me know

Originally posted by KrysyGT

you arent filling in all the fender gaps? how come?
Originally posted by KrysyGT
i prob will need inspection hook up after may :-X

I dont want to mold the bumper to the fenders bc of some **** thats on order that I need to take the bumper off for :gap:
just let me know...

ahhh..... sneaky sneaky
1 - 3 of 61 Posts
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